Friday, 21 September 2007

Welcome and Introduction

This Blog was designed to support the ICT workshop on 4th November 2007 at the British International School, Phuket, Thailand ... attended by the Headteachers of FOBISSEA member Schools ... 1:30-4:45

The event is now over but the Blog will be left online ... but with the ability to write 'comments' disabled ... some photographs of the event can be seen HERE

We set ourselves an impossible task to cover all of the topics below in the three hours especially when we need to focus on the aspects relevant to Leadership ...

Three tasks were set for the Headteachers to do before the session ...
  1. bring a laptopto the session, one that is wireless enabled to connect to the internet .... the main software .. favourite web browser.
  2. look at each of the topics below .. inc. videos and audio recordings
  3. under each of the topics leave a comment ... in particular ...
    a) share experiences from your school, resources web sites etc.
    b) put down any specifics aspects of this topic you would like covered
    c) add any questions you have
    d) feel free to add anything else
NOTE: that this Blog is public on the internet and may be read by anyone so you should not mentional anything confidential or too sensitive.

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Laptop Schools (1:1) Intitiatives

Listen to this interview I did with Paul White, the Technology Director at NIST, (New International School of Thailand) in Bangkok. (Technology at NIST)
In these session we talked just about their 1:1 Tablet (laptop) scheme, his financil background also allowed him to suggest that this approch could actually save the school money.

For more information about laptop or tablet 1:1 schemes and their effectiveness in schools (including a self assessment tool) then visit

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Impact of I.W.B.s on T & L

Listen to this interview I did with Peter Woodhead the ICT Advisor with the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. The discussion is about their IWB scheme .... the ESF is probably the most prolific users of IWBs in International Schools in S.E.Asia.

More information about IWBs ... including research papers on their effectiveness can be seen at

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Internet Security and Cyber Bullying

This video is from the North Carolina Department of Justice .. "A resource Guide for Parents" .. Internet Safety
Oriniginal video is at

The accompanying booklet can be downloaded from

Relevant areas/lists/resources on Shambles ...
| Internet Health and Safety | Effective Internet Use | Censorship | Bullying |

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Headteachers using Blogs

There is a slow growth in the use of Blogs by senior managers to help improve the transparency of their management of the school.
These are not designed to replace the communication tools that are already in place in school but to supplement them by giving others some insight into what is on the agenda of the Headteacher, Principal or Superintendent.

I have created of list of these Blogs which can be seen at

Listen to these school leaders about how they are using personal Blogs to better connect with colleagues and families...

They discuss how weblogs are the community engagement tool for the 21st century.

To view a video of two principals talking about their own Blogs CLICK HERE

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Second Life: 3D ... online virtual world

Watch this video

The original of this video can be seen at
More information about Second Life can be found at

In September 2007 I purchased an Island in Second Life that is called the "International Schools Island" .... designed to offer support to International Schools communities in S.E.Asia. but (like the Shambles website) I suspect it will have a much wider appeal.
The Island will not be public until the end of 2007 but you can see the building progress at

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In Conclusion (Sun 4th Nov 07)

ICT Research
One of the main questions from senior managers in schools is often about finding research evidence to support (or not) what is happening in schools. A list of research initiatives related to ICT and education can be found at

... and if I'm asked about RSS ... then look at the videos here ....

That's it ....
Remember ... the most important task here is not listening to the interviews or visiting webpages it is ....
Click on "comments"
under each topic and leave your views to share with the rest of us.

Now as a final reward for listening to all of the audios and videos above and spending hours searching through all the internet links ... here's another video.
... a talk by David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist entitled .. "When it comes to tech, simplicity sells"